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September 11th, 2005
09:35 am


so yeah, this thing is really stupid. im thinking that im just going to delete it but its just so funny so im not going to. all my old entrys are rediculious "i love dylan" what the fuck is that?! lol. god i hate myself. my birthday is in 10 days im not really all that excited but w/e. i go to ses now and i love it. alot better than eastview. i got my liscense a little over a week ago but im not really allowed to take the car out to hang out with my friends. which sucks. i redyed my hair today and its really blonde! but meh, its alright. i started working my first job i have ever had last tuesday and i love it. i work at inta juice and make smoothies for the schools that get them, so if there is inta juice smoothies at your school you better buy one you whore because i made them! and they are really good! well im out, this is boring me...

Current Mood: sadwhy is john always mad at me?!
Current Music: air

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09:33 am


yup yup...

Current Mood: artisticdamn this music sucks
Current Music: dragon slaying man - deep froat

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August 2nd, 2005
08:17 pm


me basically complaining...
damn im bored...are you bored?

ouch my stomach hurts

im hot

im cold

i want a hot dog

are we there yet?
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i feel sick

i think im sick...

im thinking that i might be sick

Current Mood: impresseddumb
Current Music: air

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July 21st, 2005
04:55 pm


king of all burgers...
im eating burger king

Current Mood: contemplativehello
Current Music: they are here

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June 17th, 2005
09:44 am


yup yup yup
hmmmm....i hate this thing

Current Mood: mellowchinese...???
Current Music: DEATH METAL

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May 30th, 2005
07:33 am


say wha?!?!
whoa...why hello there...i havent be here in a while...i guess that's because i got a myspace thing which is wayyyyyy cooler and not AS retarded as this. but yeah not much has gone down i guess. so yeah...there's my update...peace negros!

Current Mood: indescribablechanging eye color...???
Current Music: the washing machine

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March 27th, 2005
04:22 am


...Jennifer Ibrahim...
damn i havent updated this thing in a while...i guess i'll do so. my spring break was/is totally kick ass. i mostly hung out with tia, ky, Justin, and dylan and i hung out with john, eric, john wright, milly, and cassidy a little. it was alot of fun! me and john broke up again like a week or two ago but ever since two days ago we are going out again after we TOTALLY had sex on tia's bed! lol...well not exactly but pretty close. but out, milly and mique are here to pick me up...peace niggas!

Current Mood: hungrycraving burger king
Current Music: deftones

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March 1st, 2005
03:46 pm

[Link] at erics house about to go over to ky's. i love my ky...she's huh??? lets and john broke up a little over a week ago but then we started going out again on saturday...we're such kindergardeners. meh what can i say? i just love john...on saturday i went to perkins with ky, tia, and eric and i was talking to john on the phone the whole time. i was a fatty and ate alot of fat...oops! sue me bitch! then we went over to josh spelbrink's house for a whole 3 minutes. we were suppose to go bowling but that didnt happen. then me and ky slept over at tia's was so much fun! i called sandy at like 1 in the morning and she answered because she thought it was an emergency. so she woke up and answered the phone and all i wanted to tell her was good night and she got mad at me! just trying to help out the community and i get yelled at for it!...bitches. then me, tia, and ky went to "church" (church means the park to smoke a cigarette and caribou to get coffee) we kinda stole tia's grandparents car and bad! annoying..."dear god, please forgive me for not worshiping you but instead doing illegal more important things with my time on that sunday morning...amen!"

sorry for TOTALLY wasting your life by making you read this TOTALLY bullshit entry on my TOTALLY shitty life of shit!

Current Mood: dorkyfatty
Current Music: my chemical romance aka SHIT!

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February 13th, 2005
04:02 pm


i hate these kind of days...
what a shitty day...i hate it when it rains i get all depressed and tired. BORING
i had the weirdest dream last night. it was one of those dreams that feel real and wake up thinking it really happend and its in the back of your mind all day. it was like i was at a hotel eating and the my servant was the lady who owned the hotel and she was telling me about how people in my family had died there. she had a son who was sitting next to me and he was like 5 and he wanted to go get something up stairs and normally his mom had to go with him so no one would kill him. but his mom let him go by himself because she was too busy serving me and she thought he would be fine. then i like saw a clock strike 4 30 and there was a scream by the little boy and we ran out to the garage and the little boy was all bloody and dead laying next to the people that died in my family. and then like my finger started bleeding so everyone thought that i was the one who killed them. and then i went over to my uncles house or something and my grandma was in a robe coughing and like dying.

it was so weird....

well tomorrows valentines day...another lonely valentines. if only my mom would let me see john but nooooooooo. well i guess i never asked if i could see him and i guess my mom doesnt even know that johns home but still! she wont let me see him. what a joke! hmmmm...i feel sick...

Current Mood: soredying
Current Music: tool-aenima album

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February 11th, 2005
09:31 pm


I GOT TO SEE JOHN TODAY!! only for like 20 minutes but WHO FUCKING CARES?!?! i still got to see him!
awwww what a GREAT day! i havent seen him in like 2 mom doesnt even know that he's home..she would like freak out!! pshhhh..ohhh well!

"Christine loves deep tissue.." WHO FUCKING CARES?! FUCK CHRISTINA! WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT BITCHES?! FUCK ALL OF YOU! lol...kill me....

it dont matter yo cause i got to see john! he's comming back to eastview in a couple weeks too...god damn i cant wait!


Current Mood: flirty..i really love john...
Current Music: "Lisa will you marry me...again?"

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